Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Today I be mostly pink

I have been editing the blog today. I like the pink in it. I'm not normally a pink person but something must have got to me.

Pink petunias in a pink pot. There is blue in the sky (enough to make a sailor a suit and a pair of PJs) Will it be dry tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty pink double petunia. Is it a new release? I think that it is a good idea to put petunias in containers like that. The slugs and snails would be able to reach them quite as easily as they do in the garden.

Sophers said...

State of Vous and the pink blog.

Hope your having a nice day mum am busy doing Library move. We have completed the 8 or so thousand books.

Hope Your ok

Soph xx

Clare said...

Hi Mary, thanks for your comment on my blog! Your two cats look lovely (but naughty!) look forward to seeing a photo of the third one soon!

Love those pink petunias! I have some pink ones growing in a tub outside the front door - currently being battered by the wind and rain!

Your saying about the blue sky made me smile!

Clare x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

ooh, I'm coveting your pink pot!!It looks lovely- I like the gold stripe!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Somehow I came across your blog & am enjoying it very much. It's fun to read of other's lives so far across the ocean.

Your petunias are lovely.

freds world said...

Hi, I see so many of these on my travels and I totally dismiss them, not any more, they look great with flowers in...the poppy is fab....remember me when thee seed pods develope, please.
regards fred.

Gina said...

Oh I love all of your pink jazz!