Monday, 2 July 2007

The Rambles of a Rose

The last week has been wet,wet,wet and I am seriously getting cheesed off now. Despite torrential rain look what happened in my garden today.

This came from a packet of black poppies planted in the spring. Its not actually black but a deep purple. This is the first to flower but there are lots more to come. Its not the only thing doing well but the rain has actually knocked the flower off a lupin its just lying in the soil. However my petunias are doing very well . There is just one plant each in enamel pots hanging on the wall. I must explain about these pots I have several of them mostly bought in France and they were apparently used to contain the fluid to give enemas!!!

Now on to some old and recent buys. The planned shopping didnt go to plan at the weekend due to bad weather and security events. I did buy wool to make husband a new jumper ( not made him anything in years) but that was it. However Sarah has made me start to use a tablecloth I bought in a car boot sale about 2 years ago and it just fits our kitchen table perfectly. So upon this I have put an enamel jug and coffee pot bought very recently in France. I love the roses on the cloth so there is a close up of them.

This cloth was brand new and even had the label intact on it and it cost 50 pence. I want to leave you with a final picture of my naughty cats - well 2 of them Hamish and Dougal. Its title "How many cats does it take to help you make a bed?"

May we take this opportunity to wish a Happy and healthy July 4th celebrations to all our friends in the USA


Leigh said...

Hi Mary welcome to blog land. I love your photos the tablecloth is so old fashioned and gorgeous.
Thanks for telling me about your friends blog I will go visit.
Do you realise your email is set to no reply so I couldn't email you back.
Thanks for visitng the lovely comments you left me.

Anonymous said...

What a very unusual poppy. I love poppies, only got a few of the single californian poppies in the rockery at present. They won't flower for a few months yet but the greenery is nice.
Hamish and Dougal look like partners in crime don't they? Of course Lucy would never be involved in anything naughty unless it involved food!

Merisi said...

Mary, that poppy is a beauty, the colour fascinating! Wouldn't it be for the Queen of the Night in Mozart's "Magic Flute"? The colour reminds me of a rose in a friends garden, in the vine country near Vienna, at Retz: here she is, in all her glory. :-)

I am so sorry that the British Isles are so much under the rain lately. I'd be glad to share some of that glorious sunshine we are enjoying. It's been a perfect midsummer so far here.

I love all the treasures you are showing today, best the table cloth!

Ragged Roses said...

Oh you have the same problem with bed making and cats as me! I have been known to make a bed with a cat in between the duvet and its cover! Love your enamelware. We were hoping for black poppies but the snails have eaten them all, along with most of our garden!!
Kim x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Mary,
Many thanks for visiting my blog!
I am in love with your tablecloth, it is a beauty (and such a bargain too!)
I am a big fan of old textiles and enamelware, so as we share this passion I would like to add you to my links - hope that's OK!

Hope you are seeing some sunshine today,

Papoosue said...

Oh I love this post Mary, so many lovely things to look at - the black poppy is strangely beautiful. The enema pots are lovely and the pink post? - yes, I love that too!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Hello Mary, I am so glad to have found your blog! Your kitchen nook is gorgeous and I, too, love your tablecloth! I play the same game with my cat each morning when I make the bed; there are days when she wants to be left alone (on the bed) and goes after me with a little hiss when I try to adjust the bedding! =)