Friday, 6 July 2007

Tickled pink and SUN

It has not rained for over 12 hours. We have had very high winds and some sun. Big Si is currently ( with some muttering ) cutting some of the 18inches or so high of lush green grass. Shame we havent got a cow or a sheep it would be great fodder for them.

I have been pondering about the pink thing! I always assumed that I wasnt a pink person but today I have looked at some things in a new light. No pink furniture or walls but look. Fav mug and very new phone.

Then the most useful items a long handled dustpan and brush with feather duster. These were presents from the offspring as part of 60th birthday pressies. They are great I wanted something useful and as I have arthritis in my spine they are really easy to use. But then I saw the Ikea cushion!! Pink

Now we all know that I love enamel and I have one of these thingies for hanging kitchen tools on and pink is here too.

and the most comfortable shoes in the world Pink I wanted the limey green ones but they didnt have in my size.
OK so maybe I have learnt something about myself today. I am more pink than I thought What could that mean?

Meanwhile Sophie is busy getting ready for her African trip. She flies out on Monday and they will be blogging from there so I will be putting a link on so you can see what they are doing. We have been to buy some childrens clothes coloured pencils, paper and other bits and bobs as they will be visiting a childrens home and school and doing some crafty things with the children while the lads are going to be helping with some building. Her luggage will be weighed at home to the last ounce so she can get as many things as possible for the kids in.

I leave you with another pink picture!! Ill be back to normal tomorrow!



DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hello there, I am not a pink person either, I think I'm a green person!

Loved your cute pink post & those crocs are sooooo pretty & pink!

Mary said...

Hi Mary, Mary, Fairly Contrary!

I am contrary, too! Thanks for visiting me today. I'm taking a few days off or maybe a week from blogging but I'll be back and I hope to hear from you again. I love learing about your country and I really enjoy your "lingo".

Hey, there is pink within all of us. It's a peaceful color and very soothing.

I photographed my crocs, too, and posted them on my blog. HA HA! Mine are off-white - quite boring. But I love them.

I'll be back to visit!

Mary at Mary's View

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Love the pink crocs!!! I have that mobile too, in the bird design!!!

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that I will need some Crocs! They were very popular here last summer. I didn't think they looked very comfortable so I didn't buy any. Since I have found out that they are really comfy and now everyone is talking about them all around the world.

Papoosue said...

Hi Mary, thanks for your comments on my blog, I am loving the kids being on holiday (mind you it's only really been two days so far!). Funny you mentioned camping - they are desperate to go but I am not so sure!! Love your post - nice phone and I love your pink shoes - they look really comfy. Good luck and bon voyage to Sophers for her Africa trip - how exciting is that? xx

fredsworld said...

Hi, Mary glad you got the grass cut. It was funnythis morning I took my daughter to her friends house and on the way we saw atleast 7 people mowing the grass, it was like veryone had rushed out at the same crocs,,ive worn nothing else since november, got 4 pairs now!!
bye for now fred.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a lovely blog to fall upon! You have such beautiful flowers and home. I love that pink cup and flowers you have hanging...and a brick wall...nice!
Glad to hear the sun is finally trying to dry things up there.


julia said...

Snap! - I have the same crocs and the juicer on your "thingie", in yellow - it's fab!

Our garden is resembling a wilderness at the moment (only on a much smaller scale, obviously!) The rain has meant no grass cutting for weeks so I don't envy my other half the task when the time comes- there'll be muttering aplenty!

Julia x

Chris said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :-) I don't have much pink in the house but lots of pink in the garden. Great to meet you, see you again :-)

Angel Jem said...

Pink pink pink. I am a red person. I love red, I always have, but recently I have had a thing for pink.... I love the crocs (my red ones are on right now) I love the phone (I have the red floral version) and the mug looks like it holds a lot of restorative brews.

Are you really sure you'd trust me and Sarah at the WI? I know you've never met me in person.... but use your imagination and you won't be far wrong.