Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas One and All

Well it's almost here! The tree is done at last. My favourite decorations some old silver baubles we have had for many years,a wooden angel given to me by my mother about 25 years ago and a newer cat one given to me by Sarah about 5 years ago. His name is Hamish as he reminds me of him so much.

Our dinner guests are about to arrive so I have to go. May we all wish you a happy and peaceful holiday so that we can celebrate the birth of Christ and look forwards to a better future in 2008.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

Well long time since I have gotten round to blogging. Where does time go? How I ever managed to get to work amazes me now! We have started to decorate for the coming season. Started in the dining room with some bits and pieces but always have a real tree which we havent been to get yet. So a few bits around the mirror. And a bit of tinsel in the kitchen.
The damson gin decanted and ready. ( had to be sampled for quality control first!)

A fibre optic tree for dining room.

A festive dresser with some of the smaller Christmas bunting made by Sarah.

Some lovely felt hearts bought by Sarah from a fellow blogger that are very cute.

Some musical Christmas crackers! We have played this with some friends and they are great fun. Each cracker has a whistle which plays a different note. The idea is that someone calls the numbers out and 8 people can play a tune. Better after a few glasses of wine!

The main bunting again made by Sarah.

So the real preparations start this weekend. Lots of house cleaning, tree buying and decorating and present wrapping.Its very cold and frosty here. I'm hoping we get some snow as that would be fantastic. I plan to read all my favourite blogs this weekend and leave some comments. Hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to the big day. I havent finished the major sewing project yet but making good progress so should be ready for Santa to deliver!