Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I said I'd be back!!

Well its been nearly one year since I last blogged! I have no excuses. Well maybe one and that is I have not had a great deal to write about. Life has carried on being mostly contrary. We have been busy in the house and garden doing mostly mundane things.

Main news is that the youngest has got engaged and will get married in September next year.I keep trying to get the others hitched but no luck so far!

We are in the midst of having the plaster in our sitting room removed as we have some damp in one wall. It's a lovely job noisy and dusty!When it is finished we will redecorate completely. We have new curtains and rug to put in there but cannot agree on a colour but I suspect I will get my way!! We have a deadline for finishing as we are planning a big do for the big Si birthday late in August.

No more for today. It's very miserable and been raining a little this am but dry now and I have some weeding to do. More pictures of the garden to come.