Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Especially for Jenny

OK Its a quickie tonight. Jenny, my friend from OZ, who is coming to visit in about 5 weeks wants some of the wool that John Lewis is going to have reduced on sat so am enclosing photos of some we bought yesterday.The baby cashmerino is to knit on 3.75 needles and is like a thin double knitting

The other cashmerino aran and is aran weight

They were a £1 for a 50gm ball about a quarter of normal price. Let me know Jenny what you would like and I will try and oblige. Sarah tells me that Abakhan is also going to have a big sale this weekend . I guess with these and the Farmers market Sat will be a busy day for us. husband is probably looking for my debit card right now but never mind as Rambo 2 is on later and Im good at distraction strategies.!!! No wonder I spend all the pension so quickly but I have to get my value out of it as paying in for so long. It has not rained here for at least 6 hours but the wind is bitter although we have some late sunshine. Thats it folks

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Chick Flicks

I have to start today to apologise about my rain dance comments. I feel very guilty having seen all the reports regarding the floods where people have died and so many had their lives totally disrupted and destroyed.We have been very lucky in this part of the country. Lets hope that things improve very quickly over the next few days.
Today I had an appointment to have my eyes checked as I have had high pressure recorded in them. Thank goodness recorded today as being at the top end of what is considered normal. As eldest had a day off work she came with me , get drops in the eyes so its nicer to have someone who can see for you, and we went out for a bite afterwards and did some shopping. Well we bought very reduced knitting wool with cashmire in it from John Lewis. As we were both tired we retired back to my house and had afternoon tea and watched practical Magic on DVD and low and behold Baby Boom was on TV at 7pm . Husband not impressed so I have left him watching Rambo and retired to laptop.
Tomorrow I have to sort out all the washing , that needs ironing, and the house following our return from holiday and I am so looking foward to doing all of that. However all family are going to be here on Friday evening for dinner to celebrate a belated Fathers day as its the first time that we can all be together, so thats something to look foward to. Have more photos to post next time so best to all and hopes that the rain stays away.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Who did the rain dance?

Am home after some time in Shropshire and Normandy. Some time in the rain!! Well only 2 completely dry days in 2 weeks. Still walked on the beach, managed 2 barb-b-qs, several bottles of red wine, hunting old lovely things for the home and garden in Brocantes and read several books. One of which I must mention called Knitting by Anne Bartlett. (ISBN 0718149017) Not to show you how to do this, no patterns included, but a really good read. The sock pattern was from daughter for her to do but guess who ended up knitting them.

The garden has been battered by strong winds and torrential rain and the grass is about a foot high, too wet to consider cutting it. The Passionflower has grown so much I reckon someone has been giving Guiness or some other such stuff as it is now encroaching onto the footpath outside our garden wall and will soon start tripping passersby up, especially when they stop to admire it and do not look where they are going. Tomorrow I must try to tie it up somehow. I can only say it was the best value I have ever had from £3.99 from a car boot sale. I have purchased a second one from the local florist for a second part of garden wall and see if this does as well. We hope to have more fruits from it this year as we only had 4 last year.
We had some bargains in France. A lovely old washstand, some enamel pots for plants in the garden and some old floral fabric which cost just 2 euros. Oh boy its raining again please sun come back again. I know I shouldnt complain when some parts of the world have droughts lasting for years but everyone knows that we have to complain about the weather in England its the law. Hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up with all your blogs.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Thank you so much

Dear all,

I can't believe how many comments I've had, and such nice ones too! I'm really looking forward to carrying on with this and showing more of my garden. I can't believe so many people have found me already!

The weather has been beautiful here, apart from some rain last night (the garden was pleased even if the cats were not! Dougal in particular looked like a drowned rat bless him.

I can't resist some more photo's of the garden so here we go!!!

Foxgloves are one of my MANY favourites plus the tall Verbena Bonari-sommink or other!!

Sarah likes red Geraniums so here is one for her!

And then there is the mystery one. I have no idea what this is called, it comes in pink too but its pretty! I got it on a market stall in Leeds about 8 years ago when Mr Long Suffering Mother and I went to visit daughter no.1 who studied there. If anyone can tell me what it is I'd be very pleased!

Well that's all from me for today, thanks again to all you lovely commenters I really appreciate the support I hope you come back soon, I'm sure I'll be along to visit you all too!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Hello sun

This is my first post. The sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day. My garden is rewarding me for all the hard work I have put in since my very recent retirement from a career over 41 years in length as a nurse.

My daughter and a great friend in Australia (Patches and Batches and Everything stops for Tea ) have induced me into doing this. i have no idea what I am going to write about in the future but hope that someone stops for a peep. Meanwhile its tea time ( however I hate the stuff ) so its coffee for me so I will leave you a photo or 2 of my Passionflower and other garden rewards.