Saturday, 9 June 2007

Hello sun

This is my first post. The sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day. My garden is rewarding me for all the hard work I have put in since my very recent retirement from a career over 41 years in length as a nurse.

My daughter and a great friend in Australia (Patches and Batches and Everything stops for Tea ) have induced me into doing this. i have no idea what I am going to write about in the future but hope that someone stops for a peep. Meanwhile its tea time ( however I hate the stuff ) so its coffee for me so I will leave you a photo or 2 of my Passionflower and other garden rewards.


Merisi said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! :-)
I come into your garden by way of Sara in California and would like you to leave you my best wishes for a long and successful blogging career,
all the best from Vienna,

somepinkflowers said...

what a great name you have
for your blog here!

write about
what you do,
what you want to do,
what you wish you had done,
what you wish you had NOT done...


have fun!
and, pop over
to visit me in florida...


Ragged Roses said...

Hello and welcome!!! thanks for visiting me and your lovely comments. Your garden looks very pretty too! I hope you'll have as much fun blogging as I have had over the past few months. Enjoy!
Kim x

KARA said...

Hello Mary

Yeah another blog for me to stop by on my daily visits, love the name, love the garden(pat on the back) and keep posting, everyday life of someone else is great reading, I just think us bloggers are a nosey lot, hence blogs. LOL.
Thanks for visiting and awaiting your next post.
P.S. you have received one of my free gifts for posting, please email me your addy.

julia said...

Welcome to blogland, I'm very new to it too but enjoying every minute of it.

Look forward to reading more.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Mary-just wanted to say that I think it's great you've started your own blog!! I am looking forward to reading your posts!!

Melly said...

Welcome to blog land!!! Im sure you will find plenty to write about - is there ever a lack of words and inspiration - NEVER! Good luck!

Merisi said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and your comment! I appreciate it very much.
Now I am looking forward to your next blog post,
with best wishes from Vienna,
(we have true midsummer weather, simply gorgeous, have a hard time staying at my desk *g*)

Sophers said...

Hi Mum.

It's the good one here. lovely piccies. sarah will be jelous of all your comments.

see you soon


Anonymous said...

Found your blog at Everything Stops For Tea. What a great name! Love the photos as well. I've added you to my ever-growing list of favorite blogs to visit regularly.

Lesley said...

Hello! Love that photo of your passionflower. Just wanted to wish you all the best with your new blog!

Papoosue said...

Hello there LSM! Came over from Sarah's blog. Love your blog so far and what a lovely garden - mine is full of weeds! I'm adding you to my list!

carolyn said...

I've just popped over from your daughter's to welcome you to the wonderful world of blogging.

Tracy said...

Hello, and congrats on your new blog! Your place here will unfold for you organicall--like a flower. Look foward to seeing your next post. Have fun...And Happy Days! :o)

Angel Jem said...

Hello, Hello LSM & glad to see you here!

sara said...

Welcome to blogging! Write abut your daily appreciation for life and all your adventures!

nĂ  said...

have lots of fun with your blog! your photos are so good to see, what beautiful flowers and garden!