Sunday, 24 June 2007

Who did the rain dance?

Am home after some time in Shropshire and Normandy. Some time in the rain!! Well only 2 completely dry days in 2 weeks. Still walked on the beach, managed 2 barb-b-qs, several bottles of red wine, hunting old lovely things for the home and garden in Brocantes and read several books. One of which I must mention called Knitting by Anne Bartlett. (ISBN 0718149017) Not to show you how to do this, no patterns included, but a really good read. The sock pattern was from daughter for her to do but guess who ended up knitting them.

The garden has been battered by strong winds and torrential rain and the grass is about a foot high, too wet to consider cutting it. The Passionflower has grown so much I reckon someone has been giving Guiness or some other such stuff as it is now encroaching onto the footpath outside our garden wall and will soon start tripping passersby up, especially when they stop to admire it and do not look where they are going. Tomorrow I must try to tie it up somehow. I can only say it was the best value I have ever had from £3.99 from a car boot sale. I have purchased a second one from the local florist for a second part of garden wall and see if this does as well. We hope to have more fruits from it this year as we only had 4 last year.
We had some bargains in France. A lovely old washstand, some enamel pots for plants in the garden and some old floral fabric which cost just 2 euros. Oh boy its raining again please sun come back again. I know I shouldnt complain when some parts of the world have droughts lasting for years but everyone knows that we have to complain about the weather in England its the law. Hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up with all your blogs.


Anonymous said...

"who did the rain dance?"
Well.............It was probably me! Don't think the rain fairies have realised that I have moved yet. It's only been 20 years!

Love the Socks, Love the garden wall with passion fruit, Love the washstand. Love it all.
You get such good bargains in UK and Europe.

Had a great weekend with Jorja for her 1st birthday. Will try and get the photos off Rowena soon, so you can see.

Sophers said...

Mummy my sockies are lovely thankyou!!!

my car looks all shiny too!

Don't think you'll be doing much gardening today it's proper Pi**ing down nearly drowned on my way to work.xx

julia said...

I need to get over to France as soon as poss to get my hands on some goodies like that!

We've got our neighbour's passion flower growing over our wall and it's gorgeous. Just what I like, flowers with no hassle.

Julia x

Angel Jem said...

Love the passionflower.... and complaining about the weather is definitely bred into the British, because the Princess who is 5 has a real interest in what the weather will be like this week.... I blame the school!
By the way, met your daughter & it was fun....

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi there, Just discovered your blog. I'm a newbie too. Love your passionflower, must say I have never had much luck growing them. Don't know what I do wrong, bit after seeing yours I may try again. Good luck with your blog. Pop over to mine for a visit if you like. Bye for now.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

OOh!! Wish my mum would knit me some lovely socks too! Maybe I can be another adopted daughter....!!!! My name is Sophie too....

Sophers said...

Hey stop trying to pinch my mummy!!!

You can borrow her if you ask nicely!!! Hehehehe!!!

KARA said...

Well I am sorry it rained so bad for you and it doesn't seem to be getting any better does it. LOL
What great finds though. love the stand and the pots, oh i can't wait to see what you do with them.
and great for you on the knitting.