Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Quickie!

I am so forgetful lately!! I was in a rush yesterday when I did my post I forgot to upload the other pressie from Annie. Sorry Annie they did arrive in one piece or actually two pieces a lovely cup and saucer. So everyone knows I have senior moments now!!!

Now then the excitement continued with the arrival of the postie with another intriguing package. Great stamps...

Yes its my giveaway from Sandi at "Holding Patterns" all the way from USA. Now I see it in person I see exactly what you mean by garden flag.
Thank you so much Sandi. When it is in the garden I will send a pic showing you what it looks like. Sophie, who has been to Canada, says these are very popular there as well as in USA. It will be unique around these parts though.
Well i must away as I am doing the pancake thing for everyone tonight even though Soph thought she had a better offer! I got a late evening text from her last night saying that offer had fallen though. Had a row??? So its pancakes for 4 tonight! Once again many thanks to Sandi and Annie for their gifts .

Monday, 4 February 2008

A working weekend.

My giveaway presents arrived on Saturday from Annie at a Sauceful of Secrets.They are so lovely. Many thanks Annie and here they are. Forgive me for not being the best photographer in the world. First there is the cat picture, lace and ribbon.

Then lovely old buttons.
Then the majestic cat that is now guarding my mantlepiece.

For my 50th post I thought I will do a giveaway with a cat theme as everyone knows I am a cat person. Ours are still hibernating unless you go out into the garden with them when they follow you around!! Its been very cold here of late. It tried again and again to snow Thursday/Friday but never stuck and I was so looking forward to building a snowman! Not much gardening has been done but I have started planning and even bought some seeds. Much junk has now been thrown out or recycled. The wallpaper in said bedroom is now almost off and husband is doing all the jobs I hate you know sanding and filling etc before we decorate.
I spent some time at weekend going to a friend's 50th birthday party and seeing lots of old workmates. I also made some marmalade for the very first time. It's quite bitter as I did not put the full amount of sugar in from recipe but used jam sugar so it has set OK. It will bite back on your toast!
Well that's it for today as I have loads to do. Whoever said retirement was quiet and easy!!