Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Autumn in June

Well we are back from our French hols and appear to have come back to Autumn!! Its wet , cold and windy with leaves coming off the trees and very little sunshine! Is this global warming? Or are we having a repeat of last years summer?? As you can see this is Sarah keeping warm with the lap quilt and the lap cat on Sunday evening ( we had a fire going as well) Dougal loves to get on this quilt!!

We had a great holiday although the weather wasn't extremely hot in Brittany it was warm and mostly sunny and everywhere we went were great profusions of lilies growing.These were just some outside a farm building. Makes my efforts in the garden look very poor by comparison.
My garden ones.
Elsewhere in the garden the flowers were good. Lots of wind and heavy rain has dealt them a blow during the last week.

The veggies are doing quite well though. I have about 20 little green tomatoes and have harvested the garlic planted in pots last September.

This is the result of 5 spuds planted in an old tin bath in March!!

They were so delicious. I am looking forward to the next early ones from the bags and later the main crop ones in large pots. Peas and beans growing so much but no flowers on them yet. We need some warmth!!
My shoulder is feeling much better although still limited movement due to the tendon tear. Am seeing the consultant again next week and am hoping he will be able to repair the damage. If not I will never get a full range of movement back in it. But the pain is much improved and for that I am very grateful. I can even manage a little bit of knitting now.
Husband had a day off on Monday and so we went out to lunch and to visit Lady Heyes ( an antique sort of centre in Cheshire) We have a bolster pillow on our bed (Its a sort of double length pillow) and need a new case for it. These are difficult and expensive to buy now. Look what I found there though. Old ( 1950s I think) but never used set of one bolster case and 2 pillow cases. All for 8 pounds a bargain I think.

The sun is trying to peep out from a grey sky so I think I'll risk putting the towels out to dry. Hope you all have a great week.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Drum roll please....

Well one and all, mi madre is currently on her way to France avec Mon Papa! So she asked me to perform a very important task for her. I had to pull the name out of the hat - literally! Anyhow, with Hamish as the office adjudicator, the winner is...

Kari - yes it's you!!! Mr Cat is nameless no more!! His Name is Basil!!!!!

Please leave a message with your e-mail and I can post you your prize!!

Sarah the guest blogger!