Monday, 26 November 2007


Winter is here and I feel like I'm hibernating. It has been so cold and most days grey and miserable. The cats have to be encouraged to leave their fav spots to get some fresh air and so do I. Hamish would rather be here.

Or curled up as close to any human he can find and watch "Strictly Come Dancing" a family favorite.

Dougal prefers a good box or even a bag to curl up in!!

I have finally finished one of my sewing projects! I decided to make a little lap quilt ( or knowing those 2 cats a kitty quilt) for when it really is chilly.The red material is one that I got in France for 1 Euro in the summer.

Yes the table etc arrived on Friday in bright sunlight. Since then we have managed to put up the mirrors and some pics but I have still not sorted out all the china and glasses. Am taking the opportunity to wash some rarely used things before they all find a new spot. But here are the just arrived pics!!

They look fab and mix well with the older darker cupboards that we have had for a long time. I will post pics of the finally finished room soon.
Well there is only one month to go before Christmas now and I still have to finish my major sewing project, although I have made some headway this last week. Sarah and I are also making Christmas bunting!! She is coming here after work tomorrow and we will work hard on this. I am also sorting out the kitchen cupboards in preparation for Christmas supplies as we have a few visitors this year. They needed a bit of a sort and clean. I'm so untidy!! Our friends and neighbours have just had a short winter break in Cyprus and have bought me some saffron back. Just in time to make the paella for Christmas Eve dinner. We always have a fish option on Christmas Eve. It used to be fish pie when the children were small we have got a little more sophisticated the last couple of years and Simon and I love mussels!!
Well it is almost bedtime and as always I am yawning away. I'll leave with a picture Sarah took at the weekend of one of the pair of blackbirds that visit us regularly.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I'm making a list and checking twice!

Winter is upon us and its cold!!! Finally we have our new central heating boiler fitted along with new radiators. We are warm inside as Dougal and Hamish demonstrate.

I'm trying to get ready for all the Christmas stuff that needs to be done. I have done some shopping and am off to IKEA and M&S this evening to do some more. Craft classes are continuing and I have been making Christmas wrapping paper.

Sarah has given me a new Christmas bauble to replace a glass one that she broke last year. Its cute isn't it. Well lots to do so must be off. New table due to arrive Friday so I'll be back with photos then.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A Walk in the Country

This weekend we had two days in Shropshire. It's so lovely to get away and see green fields. Saturday was a horrible grey day. You know the sort of day when it hardly gets light. Hate that sort of weather. However Sunday was so beautiful bright and sunny.After the car boot sale we had a little stroll. Sheep in the field opposite the supermarket where they have the car boot.

Then a look at the river with all the shedding trees.

The differing colours of the trees in the sunlight looked amazing.

Made a friend of this little fellow!!

Then Masters Bulls' friends in the lower part of the field.

Bright red berries.

Lots of berries.

Car boot finds included a set of six old glass fruit dishes that I'm going to use for candles, a little basket and some old lace. All at very cheap prices.

Today I have been getting some of the hundreds of leaves up from the garden. Where we are there are many mature trees and now most of the leaves are on our drive and in the garden. But its a cold damp day so there is a pot of stew on the cooker simmering away for dinner tonight. Sophie is coming to see us after work and this is her fav winter food. Lots of dried veggies and pulses in it.
Well I must be away as I still have sewing projects on the go and have to finish in time for Christmas!! I never did say which Christmas!!