Monday, 26 November 2007


Winter is here and I feel like I'm hibernating. It has been so cold and most days grey and miserable. The cats have to be encouraged to leave their fav spots to get some fresh air and so do I. Hamish would rather be here.

Or curled up as close to any human he can find and watch "Strictly Come Dancing" a family favorite.

Dougal prefers a good box or even a bag to curl up in!!

I have finally finished one of my sewing projects! I decided to make a little lap quilt ( or knowing those 2 cats a kitty quilt) for when it really is chilly.The red material is one that I got in France for 1 Euro in the summer.

Yes the table etc arrived on Friday in bright sunlight. Since then we have managed to put up the mirrors and some pics but I have still not sorted out all the china and glasses. Am taking the opportunity to wash some rarely used things before they all find a new spot. But here are the just arrived pics!!

They look fab and mix well with the older darker cupboards that we have had for a long time. I will post pics of the finally finished room soon.
Well there is only one month to go before Christmas now and I still have to finish my major sewing project, although I have made some headway this last week. Sarah and I are also making Christmas bunting!! She is coming here after work tomorrow and we will work hard on this. I am also sorting out the kitchen cupboards in preparation for Christmas supplies as we have a few visitors this year. They needed a bit of a sort and clean. I'm so untidy!! Our friends and neighbours have just had a short winter break in Cyprus and have bought me some saffron back. Just in time to make the paella for Christmas Eve dinner. We always have a fish option on Christmas Eve. It used to be fish pie when the children were small we have got a little more sophisticated the last couple of years and Simon and I love mussels!!
Well it is almost bedtime and as always I am yawning away. I'll leave with a picture Sarah took at the weekend of one of the pair of blackbirds that visit us regularly.


PattieJ said...

Hi, I wondered over from "Sweet Cottage Dreams" blog. LOVE your dining table and hutch! It's gorgeous!! And I would LOVE that fireplace too! Just beautiful!

Pattie :)

Anonymous said...

The room looks lovely Mary. You have both worked hard. It will be so cosy at Christmas when you get the bunting up.
I have been given a bag of fabric for Sophie's African Quilt. I will wait until after Christmas to post it.

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

\\\hi Mary, it all looks so lovely, I can imagine a fine christmas spent around that lovely table. Can you squeeeeze a few more in for the christmas eve paella
The lap quilt is gorgeous, it will look lovely with those two beauties curled up on it, hee hee. Best Wishes to you this day, Annie x

kathyann said...

Mary your quilt is gorgeous and what a bargain price for the material! I love your room, the colour on the walls really show off your beautiful furniture,can't wait to see more! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. Kathyann at meg's mum;s muffins

Anonymous said...

What a lovely little kitty quilt!

Your dining room is shaping up so nicely. That green color is very inviting and the furniture goes great together. I'm eager to see the finished room with all its baubles and lovelies!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Mary,
Your home is looking lovely and the cats are so cute, they look very comfortable.
Take care,
Sandi x

Sandi McBride said...

You know how I love those two, Hamish and Dougal. Such fine lads they are. Of course you are going to make them a kitty quilt. It'll be ever so warm and cozy on your lap, them on the quilt. The room is looking simply glamourous and I can't wait to see the holiday decorations...have you seen Kari's? The girl is a very beautiful way...

Susie Q said...

How beautiful your home is!
LOVE the fireplace and the cats are SO precious! It is so cold at night and, when I wake, we have both cats and the dog lying between us on the down comforter! They adore it when it is cold. : )


corry said...

Love the furniture...and the fireplace too! The photo looked like it came right out a magazine!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

That room is looking fantastic! I love the colour your chose for the walls and the table is lovely! Look forward to seeing the finish. Your cats are adorable LOL!


Alchamillamolly said...

Oh Wow is that Laura Ashley furniture ?? If not where di oyu get it its exactly what I want whne we move ( if we ever do!!)

Tonya said...

I love that dresser, can you tell us where it came from?

Liz said...
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Liz said...

Sorry, but I have just deleted the original, two hideous spelling mistakes!!
I shall proof read this one before posting, but I do want to say how much I enjoy reading about your `fur children', they will love their mother for the new quilt, mine adore their one that I made especailly for them!!!
Your dining room is looking fab; charming , tasteful and restful
Hugs from

Papoosue said...

Hi mary, I love your new furniture, it looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing the fully finished photos.

Hamish in specs - gorgeous! xxx

Annie's Abode said...

Your dining room is looking lovely - the LA furniture is gorgeous!

That fire is so inviting - I cannot blame your kitties for not wanting to stray from it!

You at doing better at your sewing/craft group than I am. I too, started a lap quilt but it is far from finished. I have missed a couple because of illness but any spare time at home has been used trying to finish a cross stitch cushion a friend asked me to do for her Mum for Christmas. Cross stitch always seems to take longer than I anticipate.

Looking forward to seeing your bunting.

Keep warm Mary,


jules said...

looking good mary, I can't wait until I can start putting my furniture into finished rooms, not long now the plasterer is here as we speak, its cold here too but i don't have a cat to curl up with.

jules xx

Ragged Roses said...

Love your new furniture it looks beautiful. My two cats only venture out when they absolutely have to and spend most days on the bed. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who needs to wear glasses!
Kim x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hello Mary, just had to say your new furniture is beautiful, I think you are the envy of many bloggers right now! Your patchwork quilt is adorable, as are your cats.
best wishes,

Mary said...

That photo of Hamish made me cackle! Dougal makes himself at home anywhere, doesn't he?

I enjoy your lovely home. It's very "country" with a feminine flair.

Even though it's usually sunny here, I'm feeling a little bite of winter, too. Feel like hibernating - especially when the sun sets so early.

So you have a bird photographer in the family? Nice Shot!

Mia said...

The weather has been pretty miserable here too! But I am glad to see that your cats have the ability to make the most of their situation and are clever enough to keep warm and cosy. I do love the look of your dining room. The new table and chairs look just so lovely, and everything ready for Christmas and all... And you new lap quilt looks very cosy indeed.

Country Cottage Chic said...

I love the new furniture! I don't blame the cats - I'd rather be curled up by the fire than out in this miserable weather.

thehomelyyear said...

Hi Mary, how cosy your cats look in front of the fire...the best place to be right now. Your room is really taking shape...sure it will be wonderful for Christmas.
Margaret and Noreen

Merisi said...

Your home looks lovely! I can't wait to see what Christmas decorations you are going to put up with all this new furniture and the mantle piece. I am trying to think of what you mean with "Christmas bunting" . Is it a flag with a Christmas theme?

jessica daisy said...

Your new room looks really lovely, I love the fireplace, and and often lusted after that furniture from laura ashley. Glad that you've got it down in time for christmas.

Kari said...

Did you ever send me your address so that I could send you a Christmas card? I'm so unorganized it's embarrassing! lol
Merry Christmas -

Sandi McBride said...

Okay Mary Dear, time to hoist yourself up out of hibernation...I'm sure you have some more lovely pics of the boys to share...or that gorgeous bird in your garden!

Anonymous said...

Wakey wakey Mary, It's nearly Christmas and you probably still have heaps to do.
Lets see the room complete with Christmas decorations.

Sandi McBride said...

Okay Mary me darlin', time to arise and decorate the house...then take pictures...and share with us

Merisi said...

A little hibernation can do no harm or so she thought! :-)
Dear Mary, I am standing outside your door with a cup of hot spiced red wine, wishing you a wonderful Christmas season.

Merisi said...

A little hibernation can do no harm or so she thought! :-)
Dear Mary, I am standing outside your door with a cup of hot spiced red wine, wishing you a wonderful Christmas season.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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CatHerder said...

Just surfed in and couldnt help but post a big "awwww" for the kitty pics. LOVE your farm table, thats exactly what i had set out to no avail, wound up with a plain oak one. I just adore your dining room.