Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Still waiting for summer

OK the weather has improved. But its cold. At least Sophie will be getting some sun. They arrived in Paris and flew on to Toga today. They will be there now and probably all very tired. I have had a thing about bathrooms today. Mosly cleaning and tidying but remembered that I said I would post a photo about the washstand recently bought in France.

This just fits nicely in our shower room and I can have all my lavender toiletries to hand. The enamel jugs are old French purchases except the blue one on bottom shelf which big Si gave me one Christmas, and I believe came from Cath K. Sarah got it when visiting her friend in London several years ago.

The next photo is from the bathroom where there is a definate seaside theme.

Big Si has several pond yachts which he displays here. The thing hanging from the ceiling is apparently an eel trap, which Si got in a reclaimation yard and I keep looking at it and wondering what I can put in it.

Today I have finished a little project that I have been making for Sarah but I will leave her to blog about that.

I must finish with an apology to Angel Jem. She knows why.


Anonymous said...

Just thinking about the Eel trap!
If you could hang it a bit lower, you could use it for shampoo, conditioner, talcs etc.,
Or you could leave it where it is and put eels in it! LOL


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Love your washstand!!! It looks fab with all your bits and bobs in it!

Angel Jem said...

Couldn't find any spelling errors and I did look twice! You can have a gold star... and thanks for the apology. When can we go to the WI?

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Mary-you've been tagged! 8 random facts all about you...

KARA said...

Oh love the washstand and all that is shown on top delicious.

Oh by the way Mary I am tagging you, if you go to my blog you will see, I think its a fun way to find things out.


KARA said...

Hi mary

Oh so she has little minx, thats ok, you can answer once in reply to both.
Thanks for asking he is in a hospice now, just waiting for him to go.

nĂ  said...

i love the eel trap - we have something similar bought in brittany last year hanging from our kitchen ceiling, they're great, aren't they?! hoorah for sea themes, they make me dream...