Sunday, 22 July 2007

Dust and more Dust saw the SUN today

This weekend I have been cleaning and trying to sort out the dinning room for ITS BIG MAKEOVER. This is to be a major project as we have a huge hole in the wall where the central heating boiler has been removed, holes in the skirting boards where rewiring has been done and we are having a new radiator put in as well. The 1970s carpet has now been cut out and up ready to go to the skip.The next job is to strip the wallpaper off and get ready for new fireplace, the plumber and the plasterer. Its all going to take weeks and weeks but I will take some photos as we go along.
So while we are in the middle of this my sister rings to say she is minding her granddaughter for a few days and is OK if she pops in for a cup of tea. Lovely say I covered in dust. Ten minutes later my great friend Sue phones to say she and her husband are in the area for a family wedding and could they come to see us tomorrow. So of course I say, lovely would you like to spend the night? Oh that would be great says Sue, so everything stops while I ensure bathroom is clean, make bed up clean and all the other things I need to make sure she does know I do clean sometimes. !!!!

Oh and the guy who is doing our paving has not been able to finish due to the weather so not only does the inside of the house look a mess but the outside does as well. But there are some things looking OK so I will let you see the decent sights. I have picked some lavender from the soggy garden and cleaned some kitchen cupboards and the armoire.

Lovely lavender and enamel in the kitchen

So now I'm well ready for bed. Hope everyone has had a happy and dry weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, nice to see you have not forgotten us here in blogland. The dining room sounds serious! Just as well there is only the two of you at home.
Lavendar looks lovely in the enamel jug. I can't grow it, always dies for me. I have tried not watering it, watering it, and only watering it now and again. Must be something in the soil I think.
and have a good week at Margaret and Adrian's.

nĂ  said...

you do sound very busy!! those enamel pots really are most gorgeous!!!

Angel Jem said...

The lavender looks good.... as a person used to absolute chaos and occasional horribleness most of the time, you have all my sympathy. Hope the visitors kept chipping in!

Papoosue said...

Just think how lovely it will all be when it's finished though!

Thanks for your comments Mary, I've always been a fast reader I guess, although I do skim over parts that are not interesting sometimes!

Mary said...


Ooops! Unexpected guests...during a remodeling job...ughhh. LOL! Sometimes you say "whatever" and do the best you can.

We always want nice renovations but the dirt an dust makes us crazy :o/

You said, "ready to go to the skip". What's that mean?

corry said...

Hoi Mary, sounds like a very busy sunday! I love the lavander in the enamel pots, feels like summer!

Anonymous said...

Hi mary, i know what you mean....i once had not shaved for 7 days, had a very old tracksuit on, decided to paint the kitchen, took the kitchen door off and put it in the hall, put all the contents of the kitchen in the hall, it was a complete mess,the doorbell rang...and stupid me i opened was a local news crew, with a tv camera, asking opinions on the channel tunnel rail link ( it was going close to our house).....i looked like a complete pikey living in a squat, and guess what, i was the second item on the news that the moral matter how nice your home is no one really ever sees it at its best...i think its called divine intervention!! its still raining in kent...when will it end!!!! fred.

Anonymous said...

Hi its me again. i cannot get a good link to your comments it always makes me annoymous..well i hope you know its fredsworld by now!

buttercup & roses said...

Ohh you sound like your going to be very busy indeed!!
I love your armoire! I have wanted one of those for ages but they seem to be rather expensive, im holding out to find one at a bargain price...Wish me luck!

Mary said...

Hi everyone shared a bottle or 2 of red and feeling chilled with friends Ps Have had a very hot shower to get rid of dust.

Mia said...

Yes, you certainly sound very busy indeed. And is it not jus typical, when you least expect (or want) it, friends and visitors keep popping by? I am sure you coped just fine, and now you can continue fixing what needs to be fixed. I just love your photos of all the enamel and lavender in your kitchen.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Company when you least want it! The lavender in enamel looks so pretty. Will be looking for finished pictures.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Mary,
Sounds like some serious renovations are going on at your place. Still, I'm sure it will all be worth it when it's finished. Gorgeous armoire and love your enamel collection. Take care.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Mary, sounds like a hectic time for you-love these photos!!

Beverley Abbott said...

Oh my word Mary
you have got your hands full!! Give us a shout if you need a hand cleaning - its my favourite pastime!! LOL
oh and I love the way you have the lavender displayed in a jug - really really nice!
loads a love bev xxx

Lizzie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I, too, love the lavender with the enamelware. What a pretty french provincial vignette. I bet it smells wonderful, too.

Papoosue said...

Thanks for your comments on the blog Mary - no, I would not expect 'beautifully written prose' from me - you have seen my blog haven't you?

Sandi McBride said...

Alright Miss Mary, you've had nearly a week off now...back to work, your Blog Buddies are missing you...You and Kari at Just Livin' Large aren't in cahoots are you? Off a vacation we aren't privey to? Enjoy your site