Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sheds and Sun

Today we have been clearing out two old sheds that have been awaiting attention for a very long time. So far only one trip to the tip with several cans of paint with a little bit left in each. Why, do we keep it I kept saying to big Si why do we do that? As though we are ever going to use it again. We are clearing an area to the side of the house ready to have paved, then I will paint the walls, put some of my plants in pots there and have a little table and 2 chairs ready to have breakfast there on sunny days. Yes we get the sun sometimes and particularly today, and the sun is there early in the mornings in the summer.

Today I also managed to do some weeding and couldn't resist cutting these roses for the house. They actually smell like roses. Please let this pleasant weather continue for a while. Thats what we need now.

Below is another of our recent French finds. I have been after a hall coat stand for some time and big Si put this up this week.

Well its after midnight so I am away to bed as there is a local carboot here tomorrow. We were supposed to be in Shropshire for the weekend but were unfortunately unable to go due to work pressures for big Si. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends


Anonymous said...

Pretty roses, Mary.
The hat stand looks lovely. Which side of the hall is it on?
I never liked MASH the first time around still don't now. Never watched Sex in the City. I don't like the 'stick insect' in it.
The only American show I will ever admit to is Desperate Housewives! I'm totally sucked in. No one at work can believe that either! LOL

Rubyred said...

What beautiful roses Mary!Your little garden area sounds like it will be lovely!I love Russell Brand too, but I really disliked him at first,isn't it funny!

Mia said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. Much appreciated! I have also enjoyed my visit here. Beautiful roses from your garden. And you seem to have had quite a wet summer so far, as have we. But we are hoping for more sun and warmer weather (we do not usually light the fire in July but this year we have done so).

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Mary, Love the beautiful roses. That hall stand looks lovely too. You haven't missed much in Shropshire this weekend (I live in Bridgnorth). It wasn't too bad here yesterday but today is just dire. Rain, rain and more rain. Take care.

Sandi McBride said...

The roses are lovely, Mary. The love in a mist was also breathtaking. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be popping in to see you often, you do the same!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

So gorgeous-wish my roses grew like that..

Merisi said...

I love both the darling roses and the beautiful hall coat stand, what a great find! :-)
Hope the sun is out there over your garden.
With best wishes from Vienna,