Monday, 6 August 2007

Tagged again,but I'm in the garden!!

So first I'm going to show you this. These were new last year and didn't do too well but look now. They smell lovely. Pinky/purple Phlox in among the weeds.

I need to do something about the pesky weeds but have spent last 48hours nattering away to OZ friend. You know how it is. So 8 more random facts. I'm going to start with body parts!!

1. I have webbed toes! The 2nd and 3rd on each foot. The right is worse than left.It does not mean that I can swim well. I resemble a drowning cat doing doggy paddle!!!

2. I have part of my middle finger missing. I lost it fighting with my younger brother when I was 11.

3. I used to bite my fingernails until I was 50. I suddenly decided it was time I grew up and stopped doing this and so I did.

4. I always had very straight hair until about 2 years ago. It suddenly started to go curly and now it is very curly. No one seems to be able to explain this to me. Someone must have injected the curly hair gene into me whilst I was asleep!!!

5. When my husband and I were looking for our first house a police car drew up alongside and waved at us. Well I thought he waved and so I waved back!! As you do. Unfortunately he was trying to make us stop as he didn't like the look of the non standard wheels we had on husband's pride and joy his Mini Cooper. The police kept following and I kept waving.

6. When we got our first kitten Lily, she became very ill with cat flu. We were feeding her every 2 hours as we could with a syringe and baby food. I was at work one day and running short of food when the ward clerk, who was going to shops during her lunch time asked if she could get me anything. I asked her to get me some baby food and if she couldn't get that would she get me some cat food. One of the doctors, who I didn't know very well, overheard and was so shocked to think I might be feeding my baby cat food!! When Michael our youngest was a toddler I caught him sitting with Lily sharing her cat food. He had even got a spoon out of the drawer to eat with. He was a devil when a child if he had been the first he would have been the last.

7. I learnt to sort of drive when quite young. On taking my first test, days before seat belts not standard, the test guy told me he would bang his file on the dashboard at some time during the test and I would need to do an emergency stop. This was done OK but shortly afterwards a big dog ran out in front of the car and another emergency stop called for. No I didn't hit the dog but the test guy hit his head hard and I thought I was going to have to drive to casualty with him. Needless to say I failed the test. Ps. passed on 3rd attempt after telling examiner that I wanted to be a district nurse and couldn't unless I could drive!!!!

8. I love old battered vintage things for the house. I like to think I'm using things that have a history. When visiting younger brother in France we visited a Brocante by the side of the Loire on a day that was steaming hot. I found a lovely old battered and rusty glass holder. The stall owner was at lunch, which may last for a few hours there. No idea of price I had to have it but too hot to hang around. Another stall holder rang him on his mobile and a very reasonable price negotiated. We get home and husband decides he thinks it needs cleaning up. Yes you guessed. He painted it black all new and shiny.I nearly killed him. I can really sulk when called for. I now have it outside in the hope it will get all battered again.

We have made some progress with the newly paved area outside.We are still getting old paint off the walls but here are some pics.

New enamel hand wash thingy bought in France this summer.

Am having problems putting any more photos on so I will finish tonight and try again tomorrow. Jenny and I are having a day at shops tomorrow. I'm good at making her spend money!


Sandi McBride said...

Mary, as for hot flashes (flushes) no, I think they are going to be the bane of our existance forever...and you know, I named my younger son Michael and everyone I knew warned me that I was in for trouble! Saint Michael he isn't lol, and I wished him one just like himself (known as the Mommy Curse) and guess what? Her name is Arianna but should be Michaela, for she is JUST LIKE HIM!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

What gorgeous photos- I love all of your french garden bits and bobs!!

Angel Jem said...

Thank you for the 8 facts. My husband has an acersion to anything 'old' and will never buy second hand... I like used books, furniture etc. I try and sidle it in when he's not looking and see how long before he notices. The current record is 4 weeks for a dresser!

Kari said...

Oh I loved #8. So typical! My husband looks at me with something akin to "pity" in his eyes when I go on and on about something old and tattered. He seems to think new and shiny is the way to go. Poor man. lol

Thanks for commenting on my post. I adore getting comments - I'm really, really sad that way! lol Loved reading (and peeking) into your life, btw!