Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Guest Post from Sophers!!!

I did get some lovely material while I was in Africa so here is a little photo for you to rejoice in the delight of my lovely material. The one with suitcases made me giggle when I saw people wearing it but the looked fantastic. In case you hadn't guessed I Love Africa.

Just to start have a look at the lovely cake tins I got from Cath Kidston today. I got a very good deal in the sale and though I would show them off to you cute aren't they!!

Hello one and all.
First things first I want to say thanks for the good wishes on my trip to Africa. I had a wonderful time and I thought I would give you a few details of what we did while we were there.

We were a group of 14 from Liverpool, we had four adults and 10 young people mostly boys I might add. The girls were a delight and we got on really well just the three of us. The boys to be fair were also a delight and hilarious to boot. We set off from Liverpool to join the 50 or so in the French group to all fly from Paris to Togo.
I will try to keep it as brief as possible we were met in Lome and squished onto a bus and driven about 45 minutes away to Aneho. Here were to acclimatise to the heat and get used to the delights of siesta!!!
We moved several times during the three weeks and met a huge amount of people all of whom were so welcoming and friendly it was amazing. There were many moments of sadness(mostly when we had to leave) and joy and somewhat of an emotional roller coaster took place in Africa.
We did lots of activities with the children in terms of craft and sports. We made some lovely crowns and stickers seem to be the delight of every group we worked with. We did have a few mammoth football games where we had the choice of 50 children for each team but with the use of good gesturing and lots of smiles and hugs we got over the language and cultural barriers and got on with having fun. Some days I wasn't sure who was supposed to be learning from who and that made me smile.
I shan't lament too much over the time in Africa I just wanted to share how amazing it was with you and say thanks for the lovely messages. If you do get a chance do pop over to my friend Bro James' Blog has the most brilliant photo's and a much more detailed account of our trip.
Hope your all enjoying the summer.


Mary said...

Hi Soph
Thanks for this even if you did have trouble loading the photos. I got very excited when the parcel came from Kath today!!

Sandi McBride said...

ok, cute material there! I am wondering what you could make from the suitcase lot, maybe a dashika? or a head scarf? Or maybe frame it like a picture? Glad you're back and glad you enjoyed your holiday. Now if it's heat you want, it was 110 here yesterday, and the humidity was 75 about a wet dish towel hitting you in the face!

Kari said...

Mary - thanks for the comment. And, yes, I did see SophieHoneySuckle's blog today. I NEED to go to England for a pre-Christmas shopping trip around the first of December. Unfortunately, my bank account Nope. Not gonna happen.No how, no way. lol