Thursday, 9 August 2007


How very nice of Angel Jem to give me a NICE award. I have said I don't think that people who know me would use that term to describe me. As Sarah would say I am as mad as a "box of frogs". But thank you. Now I have to to find another 7 people to award the NICE award. I have been pondering this today and can't just find 7 names as there are so many who have been nice to me since blogging. So the award is to all of you out there who I visit and who inspire me to living in a different way and make me laugh.

However I must mention a few extra special blogging friends.

1. Sarah, the untidiest person I know but is quite nice at times. (takes photos for my blog as she is better than me with a camera) Visit her at everythingstopsfortea.

2. Sophie, as a guest blogger who makes good coffee and sorts my computer challenges out for me.

3. Jenny, one of my oldest friends, currently visiting from Australia. She inspires me to sew. Visit her at patches and batches.

4. Fred and his wife. They make me laugh and inspire me with their family values. You can visit them at freds world and happy loves rosie.

5. Angel Jem whose comments encouraged me when I first started to blog.

6.Random Blethers who also encouraged me and I admire her determination to persue her studies.

7. Mary at Marys view. She makes me laugh and takes the most wonderful photos of wildlife that fill me with pleasure.

Thanks to all of you and I will continue to get pleasure from your blogs every day.
I leave you with a glimpse at some lovely fabric that Jenny has brought from the land of OZ for Sarah and I to make some lovely things. We continue to enjoy wonderful weather here. Sunny but not too hot perfick as PA Larkin would say.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, fred here, many thanks for nice award, im honoured x

Joanna Butchart said...

Love the fabric especially one of the pink ones on the bottom.

Magsy said...

Hi Mary, You did well with all the fabric from Jennifer. I also have some of those fabrics in my stash.
Look forward to seeing what you make with it all.

Mary said...

Hi Mary!

I thought I commented here yesterday. Oh, maybe the heat got to me!

Thanks for this honor. You are too NICE!

After reading my ranting post, feel free to take it back! LOL!

I will make note of this award on an upcoming post.

Thanks again :o)

Rubyred said...

Hi Mary,My parents have been to the lost gardens of heligan.They said it was beautiful! I'll have to go next time.I love reading Freds World and Happy Loves Rosie,they take fantastic photo's don't they!

Sophers said...

Thanks mum. No mention of me being the good one. For everyone else just so you know I'm the nice one. The most helpful and useful. Sarah is the arty farty one ;-)xx

Merisi said...

You made me smile. Nice or not (don't believe you for an instance, though! *smileagain').

Papoosue said...

Hello Mary and thank you soooo much for the Nice award, how kind you are :) xxxxxxx

Hmmm, nice fabrics, very yummy!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Congrats on your award Mary!!

corry said...

Mary congrats on your award! love the fabric!

Sonnja said...

What a beautiful fabrics!
Kind Regards,


Merisi said...

Had to get a better look at your fabrics! :-) There are some I'd rather lust after, even though I have never done any great crafting, only dolls' dresses and quilts, Halloween and carneval costumes for my kids. I do admire and enjoy other people's creations very much, though.

Gretchen said...

Congrats on the award.