Friday, 16 May 2008

Fifty posts

Hi to everyone. Sorry I have been away from doing the blog for a while. No excuses really but have been ongoing problems with my shoulder and I seem to have spent so much time either at Docs. physiotherapy and X-ray departments in last few weeks. I have a fractured humerus( upper arm bone) with a torn tendon. I am to see the Doc again on Tuesday who will decide what surgery I need and this is to be done next Thursday. On top of that I had a little trip last week, just a stumble not a fall, and hurt my knee which is still painful to walk on!!! Oh the joys of getting older and more clumsy. So now I can't walk well and cannot do much with left arm. Despite this and with much help from big Si we have done quite a bit in the garden as I shall now show you.
Firstly we have the superior Hamish who is ensuring we get it right. You cannot be out in the garden without him.

Potatoes in bags.

Potatoes in an old tin bath.

Flowers in abundance

The weather has been so good over the last week or so that everything has sprung into life so quickly making up for a very poor Spring. Not as warm or sunny today but still very nice. Good gardening weather and I hope to get out and do a little more later.

As this is my 50th post I decided that it would have to be a giveaway! Not decided exactly what yet but have some ideas. I won a beautiful cat from Annie at a Saucerful of Secrets not so long ago and decided he needs a name. Here he is.

I've decided he is a he and not a her so if you want to leave me a comment with a suggested name for him I will pull a name out of what I hope will be a hatful of comments. I will get my act together with the giveaway stuff and post again with picture before I go to have my op next week but will not be drawing until May 31st as not sure how long I will be in hospital. Hope all have a wonderful weekend and the weather is good no matter where you are.


Sandi McBride said...

FIrstly, how the devil have you managed to break your arm? Next, HOW BEAUTIFUL your flowers are. I'm going to drag Mac in to see your bags of potatoes, what an idea! Are they canvas bags? You're brilliant!

Magsy said...

hope all goes well with your op, we will be thinking of you.
Lovely flowers in your garden and hope the spuds taste nice when they are ready. Congrats to Michael on his new post.

Sandi McBride said...

Mac wants to know if you planted any tomatoes and if so what kind and how long does it take for them to produce fruit for you? Nosey blighter, lol
Now I'm going to try potatoes in pots and tubs since I don't have any canvas bags!

Anonymous said...

Your cat is cute and very regal looking. I will have to give some thought to a name for him.
The garden is looking lovely. Great idea to put the spuds in bags. Hamish is doing his supervising job well. LOL
Good luck with the arm.

the homely year said...

Hi Mary, a broken arm, poor you!
You've got some gorgeous flowers in your garden and potatoes in canvas bags...what a good idea.
Good luck with the op.
Margaret and Noreen

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I like the name "Basil" for him. Don't ask me why, it just came to me. lol

You're garden flowers look so pretty and the potatoes are amazing! Tators in a bag - who'd a thunk?

I hope your knee stops aching soon and that your arm mends quickly! We may have to wrap you in cotton wool just to keep you safe! lol

P.S. I LOVE that bench Hamish is lounging on.

Sandi McBride said...

Mary I edited my post to include the recipe for Zucchini bread...hop over, cut and paste and "bob's your uncle" lol..

Sally's Chateau said...

Contrary Cat ? sorry to hear of all your recent mishaps. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, After giving some thought to the name of 'Regal Puss' I think you should keep the Scottish name thing going and call him "Alistair". It's rather posh and he could be 'Alistair from the Foreign Office' ('cos he looks foreign).

Country Cottage Chic said...

Hope all goes well for you.

I also have potato bags & they work very well.

What a great cat! His name is Sir Percival (Percy to his friends) - he told me so! ;-)


Papoosue said...

Oh mary, you have been in the wars! Hopefully soon to be all mended x

I love your garden flowers - columbine is a favourite of mine and they spread quite nicely too!

I think your little cat looks like a 'Lupin' to me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
That Bernard fella is a "Spammer" don't reply to him, you will only get more stuff you don't want.