Tuesday, 29 January 2008

LUCKY ME !!!!!

I'm joining the lovely Hamish today, who has taken over this radiator, in knowing that Spring is coming but it's still cold and quite dark today. Although we had a very good weekend and managed the farmers market and car boot in warm sunshine on Saturday and spent several hours tidying up the garden and planning for this year on Sunday.There are little green shoots everywhere which cheers me no end.

I have been so lucky as I have won not one but two bloggers giveaways!! Hows that? One from Sandi at Holding Patterns and the other from Annie at A Sauceful of Secrets. I never win anything so imagine me when I checked my emails late on Sunday evening and discovered both.I am delighted and will post pics when they arrive. I am approaching my 50th post so I will have to find something as a giveaway for that.

Mike came up last week to visit and he and I spent a couple of hours going through his bedroom. he hasnt lived here for 6 years now and its time to put away the boy scout pictures, model airplanes ets. His old vintage IKEA wardrobe was falling apart so he took a hammer to it and sorted out loads of stuff. we have been left with about 4 boxes of assorted stuff including a lego pirate ship for us to store in the loft!!Just some painting now and then the new curtains can go up and we wll be ready for the new bed when it arrives. The garage is next in line for a massive spring clean and as husband has a couple of days off this week I hope we can get some of that done. I'll maybe do a carboot myself and try and raise some funds as Spohie is off to Africa again this year to help in a school in Uganda. On that note I have started an African themed quilt which Soph is going to raffle to get money for books,pencils etc to take with them for the children. She bought back some material last year and we have acquired some more and my friend in OZ Jenny( Patches and Batches) is sending some bits for it. The centre is done so here's a look at it.

It will be very bright I think!!

Sandi at Holding Patterns has challenged me by asking "Why is it good to be you"?

1. I have a very long suffering husband(32 years) who still comes home every night!!

2.The support of the family who keep in touch and provided me with no end of laughing over Christmas.

3. The extended family and friends, including my new blogging friends, who I might not see for a while but who are always there when I need them.

Well the coffe is calling and so is the Alan Titmarsh show on TV I have become addicted!!There may be gardening tips today! Happy Tuesday to all.


Sandi McBride said...

Oh Mary, please tell me Alan Titmarsh is going to be on BBC America! I adore him nearly as much as our Terry Wogan! I do so miss seeing his gardening skills...Alan, not Terry...not sure if Terry knows one end of the garden spade from the other! So happy for your wins, and hopefully will have your gift on it's way to you by midweek. Did I tell you my Mike (younger son) took home a half box of the Yorkshire? He's such a brat and while Earl G. is his favorite, I put on a pot of Yorkshire while he and the young Miss were here the weekend (wifey home studying for Mid Terms)and he fell hard for it. He begged and pleaded to at least let him take the box I had opened as I HAD A BRAND NEW BOX SITTING IN THE PANTRY! Cheeky devil! Of course I relented...can't deny my child, after all, lol. I was so glad to see you this morning, please give Hamish a warm hug from "Auntie Sandi".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the wins! Hamish looks so content there, Oh to be a cat. LOL
The quilt is looking fantastic, I love the centre panel. The fabric will be on it's way this weekend, I've not a a minute to myself for ages and the postoffice isn't the easiest place to get to here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ma
We need advice on veg growing off Alan so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks Auntie Jenny for the material very much appreciated. We had out first meeting last night and a good buch of young people they seem too.
See you soon

Soph x

julia said...

My mum still has a few of my boxes of stuff at home & I'm 37!
It feels good to have a clear out doesn't it?
Blow Alan a kiss from me.
Julia x

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Mary I love your African quilt. It's a great time of the year to have a clear out isn't it? I'm slowly going through all the cupboards here but I'm so easily distracted!

Rubyred said...

Hi Mary
Well done on your wins.I'm just finishing clearing my loft,nightmare job!Love the quilt.

the homely year said...

Hi Mary, Hamish knows just the place to sit...wish I could lie on top of the radiator like that!

jules said...

hi mary, congrats on the wins well done you, we too have been having a bit of a sort out it must be that time of year. No doubt I shall fill the space I have made just as quickly as I emptied it but I must admit it does make you feel good. I love alan too I miss his actual gardening programmes as well nothing like a makeover show to get me inspired to do more here.

jules xx

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Would love to see that show. Hamish is so sweet and congratulations on the wins!


Merisi said...

As for January dreary weather and clean-outs, both have been much en vogue here too. The weather was more insistend, I might add, then my clean-out efforts, but I have all intention of continuing that into February!
Today the sun is smiling through a barethread cloud cover, and I hope you get some sun rays and milder weather as well.

Merisi said...

if I remember correctly, I found you through sweet Sara, the winemaker's wife. Do you know anything about her? Sadly, her blog's down for some time now. I truly miss her.

Sandi McBride said...

COMEONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN now Mary...you and Sarah are a pair of slackers if ever I saw a pair! It's been over two weeks, so get a move on now!!!